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pure21 Cleanse & Detox System

The pure21 cleanse & detox system is a proven and tested program using three simple stages designed to easily help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Stage 1: Kickstart - 3 day cleanse
This stage is a liquid diet and a regiment of specific supplements used for their cleansing benefits.

Stage 2: Reset - 18 day detox
This stage has two phases. The first phase is 7 days and the second is 11 days. During Reset, healthy, solid food options are introduced.

Stage 3: Live - Maintenance
This stage signifies that you have finished your pure21 cleanse & detox and have successfully reset your body. By now, you have developed great habits that you will want to make a permanent part of your life.

For this stage, four maintenance packs have been developed that are tailored to meet your specific goals and needs. These packs will be discussed later.